The Best Cat Chew Toys

Bad cat behaviors have long been the source of frustration for cat owners, and when your beloved felines chew things they’re not supposed to, it ranks at the top of that frustrating list. If your cat is a chewer, you could be looking at spending thousands of dollars on vet bills, not to mention repairing… Read More

Cat and cat tree

Cats are natural born climbers and scratchers, but these needs can’t always be met for felines kept solely indoors. Having a cat tree for your kitty can help to satisfy these natural instincts. Finding the best cat tree for your feline friend means reading reviews, studying product features, and diving into the ins and outs… Read More

Cat playing with toys

Entertaining your cat has to be a priority for any cat owner and if you’re a new cat owner, be sure to heed that as a warning before your cat is forced to entertain herself. If it could, your furniture would definitely thank you for picking up a few toys for your cat. Knowing which… Read More

The Best Catnip Toys

For the cat who loves catnip, a catnip toy can be a wonderful addition to your cat’s home environment. Like other cat toys, catnip provides both mental and physical stimulation. Though not all cats respond to catnip, those that do may exhibit a variety of excitable behaviors. Cats will return again and again to a… Read More

The Best Cat Exercise Wheels

Maybe your furry feline needs to lose some weight, or perhaps your little kitty needs exercise to build muscle and dexterity. Either way, a cat exercise wheel might just be what you and your cat need. Similar to the iconic hamster wheel, a cat exercise wheel is designed to let your cat walk or run… Read More

The Best Cat Tunnels

Cats are inquisitive animals and natural hunters. Give them something to spark their wild side. Cat tunnels foster the feline’s natural affinity for stalking and hunting prey. They also cater to a feline’s instinct to stay hidden. Cat tunnels bring your cat back to who he really is, while increasing his exercise level and stimulating… Read More

The Best Interactive Cat Toys

Your cat probably loves to spend his day alternating between snoozing, scratching, and playing. While many kitties love batting around everyday objects like milk jug caps and bread ties, having some interactive cat toys on hand can exercise your cat’s body and mind. As a bonus, if your cat tends to want to sit on… Read More

The Best Electronic Cat Toys

Midnight zoomies. Curtain climbing. Counter surfing. Sneak attacks on unsuspecting passers-by. Cats are not as lazy as some stereotypes portray them. They need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to enjoy a happy, content life. All pets should have toys available – to keep them entertained, in shape, and out of trouble. Cats are no… Read More

The Best Catnip

Finding the right type of catnip for your precious pet can be troublesome. Sometimes, you’ll buy some catnip only to find it’s dried out. Or, maybe your cat just isn’t interested in the particular blend that you purchased. As with everything else in the world, catnip comes in varying qualities. It can be difficult to… Read More

The Best Cat Scratching Posts

A cat scratching post is a necessity for most cat owners. It will give your fur baby a place to scratch, and can save your furniture and carpets from sharp little claws! The health and happiness of your cat is dependent on their needs being fulfilled, and scratching is one habit they shouldn’t have to… Read More