The Best Cat Chew Toys

Bad cat behaviors have long been the source of frustration for cat owners, and when your beloved felines chew things they’re not supposed to, it ranks at the top of that frustrating list. If your cat is a chewer, you could be looking at spending thousands of dollars on vet bills, not to mention repairing or replacing household items ruined by your cat’s teeth. Buying your cat a chew toy instead is much safer for your cat and more cost-effective for you.

We reviewed dozens of cat chew toys to identify the best of the best. Some of the features we considered included durability, texture, safety, and customer reviews.

Top Pick
Pelay Pet Chew Toy
This toy topped our list of chew toys because it’s interactive, durable, and dispenses treats – all while working to clean your cat’s teeth.

The Pelay Pet Chew Toy was an obvious standout as the top pick. We loved the fact that it helps to keep your cat’s teeth clean while he satisfies his need to chew. One of the best features is having the choice to put treats in it or not, and deciding how many treats your cat can have. It’s durable and fun for cats to play with and bat around, so it’s more than just a great chew toy.

The 5 Top-Rated Cat Chew Toys

Editor's PicksBrandRating
Best OverallPelay Pet Chew Toy4.2
Runner UpKONG Cat Wubba Mouse4.3
Best Budget BuyHDP Petstages Nigthttime Catnip Rolls4.1
Best Cat Chew SticksDeyace Catnip Sticks4.0
Best Cat Teething ToyPetstages Catnip Dental Toy4.0

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Our Top Pick: Pelay Pet Chew Toy

When we looked at the wide variety of cat chew toys on the market today, this one was the easy choice for our top pick. The Pelay Pet Chew Toy made top marks across the board. In fact, there really wasn’t anything that we didn’t love about this toy.

The first thing that caught our attention was how many boxes this toy checked. It’s a great toy for your cat’s teeth because the design of it cleans your cat’s teeth while she chews on it. We also love that it’s a dual purpose toy. You know that your cat is chewing something safe, but the round shape makes it easy to bat around should she decided she’s done with chewing and just wants to play. One of our favorite things about it is that it can serve as a treat dispenser.  You can choose whether or not to put treats in the toy’s open slots on the sides or in the center of the ball. Putting treats in there gives your cat that extra incentive to chew the toy rather than other things in your house that you don’t want her to chew, and if you decide that you don’t want her to have treats, you just don’t put them in.

Finally, unlike some other cat chew toys that we reviewed, this one is super easy to clean. A little bit of soap and some warm water – or even just the water – will do the trick. And for just over $11, you get two of these toys! It’s a great bargain, and perfect for days when your picky cat just feels like playing with one over the other.

Pelay Pet Chew Toy Key Features:

  • cleans teeth
  • safe, non-toxic material
  • durable rubber
  • optional treat dispenser
  • easy to clean
  • dual-purpose toy

Our Runner Up Pick: KONG Cat Wubba Mouse

Runner Up
KONG Cat Wubba Mouse
This soft toy pairs the taste of catnip with the sounds of a rattle and crinkling to make a toy that cats will love to chew.

The KONG name is a trusted one among pet lovers, and we don’t think this Cat Wubba Mouse will disappoint either.

One unique feature we love is that it comes with two different sound options for your cat. There’s a rattle inside the upper portion, and the tails that hang down make a crackling noise. The Cat Wubba Mouse is also filled with KONG’s premium catnip to make your cat love it even more!

It’s soft enough so that your cat will love to snuggle with it when she’s tired, but durable enough to withstand playing and chewing and crazy cat behavior. It’s worth every penny when you get a toy with that winning combination!

KONG Cat Wubba Mouse Key Features:

  • plush
  • withstands chewing
  • premium catnip
  • two different sounds

Best Budget Pick: HDP Petstages Night Time Catnip Rolls

Best for Budget
HDP Petstages Night Time Catnip Rolls
Cats love to play in the middle of the night and this toy actually manages to keep them entertained and quiet at the same time.

Sometimes your cat has the most energy when you have the least amount of interest in playing with her: the middle of the night.

Enter HDP Petstages Night Time Catnip Rolls. Their soft, durable material can do two things at once. First, it can withstand the repeated gnawing from your cat or kitten’s sharp teeth, allowing her to chew on it to her heart’s content. Secondly, that same durable material is also quiet – no extraneous noises to wake up the family while the cat plays. Inside the toy is filled with premium North American catnip with no fillers, an extra special treat for your cat or kitten.

Finally, with a price of just $3.29 for three rolls, we think it will be tough to find a better product that satisfies your cat and doesn’t rock your bank account.

HDP Petstages Night Time Catnip Rolls Key Features:

  • soft and durable material
  • premium North American catnip with no fillers
  • bargain price
  • quiet for nighttime play

Best Cat Chew Sticks: Deyace Catnip Sticks

Best Cat Chew Sticks
Deyace Catnip Sticks
This organic cat sticks gives cats the chance to chew until their heart’s content without filling them up with additives and preservatives.

There are a lot of catnip sticks on the market, but the Deyace Catnip Sticks are a little bit better than the rest that we looked at for a few reasons.

They are completely organic. They are 100% Matatabi Silverine without additives or preservatives so you don’t have to worry about artificial preservatives or fillers. It does a great job of getting rid of plaque build-up on your cat’s teeth while they chew on it. They are sent to you in environmentally-friendly packaging that also manages to keep the sticks fresh and not dry them out.

One of the things that we loved best about these particular sticks is the price. For just until $11, you get $40 sticks. Because your cat can reuse each stick multiple times just by cutting off the top layer of the stick before giving it to your cat, we think this is a bargain you shouldn’t pass up.

Deyace Catnip Sticks Key Features:

  • all natural
  • leaves them feeling relaxed
  • clean plaque from teeth
  • each stick is reusable

Best Cat Teething Toy: Petstages Catnip Dental Toy

Best Cat Teething Toy
Petstages Catnip Dental Toy
It cleans your cat’s teeth while he plays with it, it’s got catnip, and its colors are crazy fun. Meet the Fuzzy Floss Green and Blue Cat Dental Toy your cat will love.

Anytime a cat teethes, you can expect some excess chewing and gnawing to happen. The Petstages Catnip Dental Toy will help your cat get through those rough stages.

It’s not the biggest toy on our list, but it manages to accomplish a lot of things for a smaller toy. The blue fabric is bristly so it keeps your cat’s teeth clean as she chews on it and it’s strong enough to withstand a kitten’s relentless gnawing. The green legs are a fun element that allows your cat to carry it around the house with pride, like she’s caught her own prey. It’s got catnip inside it to keep your cats coming back time after time.

The price comes in at $8.25, and while that might seem a little pricey for a teething toy, we think this durable choice is worth the investment for your kitten’s comfort.

Petstages Catnip Dental Toy Key Features:

  • cleans teeth
  • fun, bright colors
  • durable, bristly material
  • catnip inside for your cat’s enjoyment

Who Should Buy Cat Chew Toys

You should purchase a cat chew toy if your cat has any kind of destructive chewing habits. All cats fall somewhere on the chewing spectrum – anywhere from the low end where they only chew their own food and treats, to the high end where they chew just about anything.

If your cat is anywhere from the low-middle to the high end of the chewing spectrum, you should invest in cat chew toys. Likewise, even if he doesn’t chew very much but only chews things that are unsafe and can cause him physical harm, you should buy cat toys for him.

You should also purchase chew toys for your cat if your pet is one that won’t let you brush his teeth. In addition to some great dental treats for cats, there is also a variety of chew toys that are designed to clean teeth while satisfying the urge to chew. Buy one of those, and you can check off two chores with one purchase.

Important Features to Consider

Cat chew toys should have a few important features. Here’s what to consider when selecting a chew toy for your cat:

  • Durability. The last thing you want to do is invest in a toy that your cat rips apart within a few minutes of you taking it out of the box. Considering that your cat’s teeth are sharper than a dog’s, you’ll want to look for something that is strong and will last.
  • Safety. There are products on the market for cats that have been inefficiently manufactured and have the chance of hurting your pet. Make sure any product you purchase doesn’t have sharp edges, is made out of non-toxic material, and is durable enough to stand up to teething.
  • Design. With all the choices out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Cats are notoriously picky, so consider your cat first. Is there a texture he prefers? Does he like sound in a toy or does it scare him? Does he need something lightweight enough to bat? Make your choice based on your cat’s preferences.
  • Catnip. The effect of catnip on cats can vary wildly from one pet to another. Consider the effect (or lack thereof) of catnip on your pet before you purchase a chew toy that has catnip in it. If you don’t like the effect it has on your cat, stay away from those products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cat chew toy?
Simply put, it’s a toy for your cat that is safe for her to chew. Some have different designs to appeal to your cat and some have other purposed, but each is designed as safe for your cat to chew.

Do cats like to chew on things?
As we mentioned, cats are all over the chewing spectrum, from the cats who hardly ever do it to the cats who do it aggressively and destructively. The drive to chew things stems from cats historically needing to know how to chew and rip apart their prey in order to eat it. The fact that they don’t have to kill their food anymore doesn’t change the basic instinct they have to do it.

Additionally, the food cats eat today, whether it’s dry or wet, doesn’t match the texture of the meat their cat ancestors used to have to kill in order to survive. Consequently, chewing on food alone isn’t enough for some cats and they seek out other things to chew on to satisfy that urge.

Do cats need teething toys?
Yes, most cats benefit from having teething toys. The first reason is that the food that cats eat today, whether it’s dry or wet, doesn’t match the texture of the meat their cat ancestors used to have to kill in order to survive. Consequently, chewing on food alone isn’t enough for some cats and they seek out other things to chew on to satisfy that urge. Chew toys help give them something to gnaw on.

Secondly, giving your cat a toy you know is okay for them to chew keeps them from ingesting things they shouldn’t, a byproduct of chewing the wrong things. Cats can be injured from chewing on and ingesting fiber hairs from materials in clothing, wood slivers from furniture, leaves from plants that are toxic, and food for your other pets. They can also be burned if they chew cords and electrical wires.

How do you stop cats from chewing on things?
Here are several suggestions.

  1. Redirect your cat to a chew toy or a chew treat.
  2. Take precautions to keep the things they shouldn’t chew out of their sight and reach as much as possible. Put things they might chew in drawers, get rid of toxic plants, buy cord covers for your exposed wires, etc.
  3. Use a clicker, and click it at your cat when she starts to chew something she shouldn’t. The noise will scare her away from the forbidden item.
  4. Be sure to provide your cat with enough entertainment and stimulation throughout the day so that he isn’t bored, and so his curiosity is satisfied through play with appropriate toys.
  5. Talk to your vet if your cat is an especially aggressive chewer that won’t stop gnawing on things despite trying all of these methods. There are medications that might help in extreme circumstances.

Other Cat Chew Toys We Reviewed

Top Pick
Pelay Pet Chew Toy
This toy topped our list of chew toys because it’s interactive, durable, and dispenses treats – all while working to clean your cat’s teeth.

We looked at 20 other cat chew toys. Even though they didn’t make our 5 best cat chew toys list, they’re the best of the rest and each is still a great option for your cat. The information you’ll need to compare each one is included with the listing.

Dental Toys

Nylabone Cat Sweetheart Mouse

Nylabone Sweetheart Mouse

This toy is the kind of mice you’ll want your cat to catch. It lets you hide a treat inside each mouse, and it cleans your cat’s teeth while he chews on it trying to get to the treat.

Key Features:

  • Holds two different treats
  • Mice can be separated or stay together
  • Soft, durable material

Cost: $10

Orca Wiggle Worm

Orca Wiggle Worm

This treat is infused with catnip to attract your cat and keep her interested, and the textures on the worms will clean her teeth as she chews it.

Key Features:

  • Energizes your cat’s senses
  • Infused with catnip
  • Shape is fun for cat to play with

Cost: $8

Petstages Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel

Petstages Plaque Pretzel

This chew toy is a winning combination for your cat: It’s light enough to bat around, it cleans her teeth, and it’s infused with catnip to entice her to play with it.

Key Features:

  • Comes in back of two
  • Can be carried, batted, and chewed
  • Cleans tartar from teeth

Cost: $9

Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick

Petstages Fresh Breath

The unique feature that this chew toy offers that no other one on our list does is a minty flavor that will freshen your cat’s breath while the netting removes the tartar from his teeth.

Key Features:

  • Netting that won’t unravel
  • Plush chew on each end for different texture
  • Infused with mint, which is in the catnip family of herbs

Cost: $13

Petstages Kitty Chew Wheels

Petstages Kitty Chew Wheels

The chew ring at the center of this toy is its highlight. The material is durable enough for the cat to chew, and the outside spokes serve as a toothbrush to care for your cat’s teeth while she plays.

Key Features:

  • Ring shape helps to exercise jaw muscles
  • Cloth tails add an element of fun
  • Four rings in a pack

Cost: $12

Hard Catnip Toys

Abobo Organic Catnip & Catnip Sticks

Abobo Catnip Toys and Sticks-min

This product features a combination of chew sticks and silverine balls so your cat choose whether he wants the stick or the ball, and you’ll know that whichever one that your picky cat chooses, his teeth will be getting clean as he chews

Key Features:

  • 100% natural organic catnip
  • Both balls and sticks included in the package
  • Helps get rid of plaque on teeth

Cost: $13

Organic Cat Mint Ball Stick

Organic Cat Mint Ball Stick

This lollipop for cats is made of two things cats love: mint and catnip, the latter of which also contains vitamin supplements. The ball at the top of the stick is mint, and the stick itself is catnip. Your cat choose the one that satisfies her the most at any given time

Key Features:

  • Good for oral health
  • Contains vitamin supplements
  • Promotes healthy digestion

RIO Direct Teeth Grinding Chew Toy

RIO Direct Catnip Ball

This chew toy satiates your cat’s strong desire to chew while helping to clean her teeth and promote great oral health while giving her something safe and healthy that she enjoys playing with and gnawing

Key Features:

  • Sent in a resealable bag for maximum freshness
  • Helps to curb stress and anxiety
  • 100% natural catnip

Cost:  $9

Sungrow Natural Seagrass Ball

Sungrow Natural Seagrass Ball

The seagrass fivers and twine string of the ball are appealing to cats. Those are textures that they love to play with and when they catch this ball and start to chew on it, it will help their gums feel better as they grow new teeth.

Key Features:

  • 100% edible
  • Safe to gnaw on
  • Made from all natural materials

Cost: $5

Play Toys

Jackson Galaxy Skitter Ball

Skitter Ball

Cats love chewing on braided materials and chasing balls around. This toy satisfies both urges and while it’s free of catnip for those cats who don’t like it, the material is designed to be compatible with catnip so you can sprinkle it on if your cat is a fan.

Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose toy good for chasing and chewing
  • Catnip free
  • Made from natural materials

Cost: $6

Petstages Tons of Tails Catnip Toy

Petstages tons of tails

This toy features multiple textures to keep your cat entertained when she plays with it and her mouth satisfied when she chews it, while the catnip inside will entice her to keep coming back and playing with it again and again.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Three different textures
  • Catnip in the middle

Cost: $5

Petstages Whirly Gig Spinning Bat

Petstages whirlygig

As your cat bats this toy, it spins around for stretches of time. Reviewers were excited that this toy was not only fun to play with, but also withstood chewing from their cats. You must have a hard surface for this toy to spin.

  • Key Features:
  • Durable plastic
  • Withstands chewing
  • Spins for a long time on hard floors

Cost: $6

Vivifying Carrot Chew Toy

carrot rope toy

This non-toxic, thick, braided cotton is safe for your cat to chew on. As a bonus, it will help to clean your cat’s teeth while it gives her an alternative to chewing on your furniture.

Key Features:

  • 100% cotton material
  • Cute style
  • Two carrot toys in one pack

Cost:  $8

Whobee Cat Toys

Whobee interactive cat toys

This value pack of toys has fourteen different items for your cat to enjoy, including chew balls. What’s unique about these is that they’re attached to the end of a string, allowing you to play with your cat and entice him to chew the toy.

Key Features:

  • Bargain price for a big number of pieces
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic toys
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and one year warranty

Cost:  $15

Stuffed Toys

Bojafa Catnip Toy

Bojafa Catnip Teethgrinding Toy

This three-pack of mice is a real value. At just over $3 a toy, you’ll have lots of entertainment – and good oral hygiene – while your cat is batting and chewing on these catnip-infused treats.

Key Features:

  • Soft and durable cotton material
  • Natural catnip
  • Cleans teeth

Cost:  $10

Cute Cordouroy Monkey

Cute Animal Durable Stuffed Chew Toy

We know that cute style isn’t always at the top of must-have features in a cat chew toy, but if you’re looking for a durable toy that your can chew on and you think is cute to have lying around, this is the chew toy for you.

Key Features:

  • Different textures
  • Chew wheels on hands
  • Interactive so you can play with your cat

Cost:  $10

Kitty Stick Cat Toy

Kitty stick

This is the priciest item on our list, but many reviewers spoke highly of the hours of entertainment that their cats got of these 11″ long toys with catnip and filler inside each one.

Key Features:

  • Made entirely in the U.S.
  • Organic catnip
  • Brightly colored fabric

Cost:  $25

Machao Plush Knots

Pet Knots Squeak Plush Cat Toy

For under $20 you can get two plush toys that are durable, stuffing-free, made to handle a cat’s sharp teeth, and are super cute to look at.

Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly material
  • Has squeakers inside of it
  • Different textures

Cost:  $19

MEWTOGO Catnip Fish Cat Toys

Realistic Fluffy Fish

This chew toy one of the better bargains on our list. For $15, you get six stuffed fish for your cat to pounce, catch, and chew. The colors and design will have your cat feeling like they caught a real fish!

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Good size (largest is 9″ and smallest is 7.7″)
  • Opening in toy to allow for catnip or stuffing refill

Cost:  $15

Petstages Catnip Chew Mice

Petstages catnip mice

We loved the cute design and bright colors of these little mice. The inside is filled with catnip, but the outside is designed to floss the cat’s teeth while she’s chewing away on the mouse.

Key Features:

  • Keeps teeth healthy and clean
  • Durable outside that won’t unravel
  • Tails add to the fun

Cost:  $12