The Best Cat Scat Mats

A cat scat mat is a tool that’s used to teach your cat to stay away from the areas you want them to avoid. Cat scat mats are available in a range of different styles and designs. Some of the most popular include electronic scat mats that use a mild static pulse to deter your… Read More

The Best Cat Costumes

Having pets is such an amazing part of life. This is especially true for cats. They will come up right next to you and rub up against your leg, wanting to be pet. They love snuggles, and the best feeling is when they fall asleep on your lap, purring away, showing just how content they… Read More

The Best Disposable Litter Boxes

A litter box is essential for cat owners, but reusable litter boxes aren’t always the easiest or most practical solution. Disposable litter boxes are a great alternative for travel, temporary use, or just making cleaning the litterbox easier. We reviewed dozens of disposable litter boxes to identify the best of the best. We looked at… Read More

The Best Cat Pheromone Sprays

Stress can make our furry felines behave in all sorts of naughty ways. From marking in inappropriate places to unprovoked scratching, even minor situations to us can seem like the end of the world for our cats. Luckily, cat pheromone sprays can help calm our felines down and return them to their old, cuddly self…. Read More

If you’re a cat parent, you’ll know that it can be challenging to train a stubborn kitty. Cat shock collars use vibration, sound, and static stimulation as a training aid. Combined with positive reinforcement training, they can help correct behaviors such as aggression and inappropriate elimination. This makes them a useful tool for pet parents… Read More

The Best Cat Brushes For Shedding

Cats may be known for their fastidious grooming habits, but many felines still need a helping hand in the grooming department from time to time. Especially for long-haired cats, a regular brushing can help ensure their health and wellness during shedding season. Finding the best cat brush for shedding for your feline companion means reading… Read More

The Best Litter Box Liners

Cleaning the litter box is an unpleasant but necessary part of cat ownership. And, for your favorite feline’s health, it’s worth the effort. However, this universal task of regular cat care can be made easier with cat litter box liners. These liners protect the litter box itself so you don’t need to scrub clumps of… Read More

The Best Cat Grass

Sometimes you see a product’s name and you have no idea what that product is or what it does. That is most definitely not true with cat grass. Cat grass is a product whose name tells you exactly what it is: It is grass that is safe for cats to eat. People generally look to… Read More

The Best Cat Dental Treats

Most cat owners know how important dental health is for their feline companion. However, when it comes to brushing their cat’s teeth, many owners suddenly feel like their gentle house cat has the size and attitude of a lion. They fear reaching into their cat’s mouth to brush their teeth even though they know just… Read More

The Best Cat Ear Cleaners

Cats may be meticulous groomers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need your help to stay clean and healthy. Cats can be prone to excessive ear wax, ear mites, and fungal, bacterial, and yeast infections in their ears. Infections can cause odor and uncomfortable irritation. That’s where cat ear cleaners come in. These sprays, liquids,… Read More