Feeding your favorite furry feline a fresh, biologically-appropriate diet doesn’t need to be difficult, time-consuming, or complicated. And whether you’re an old pro who can cook from scratch or a newbie who can’t navigate the kitchen, cat food delivery services take all the craziness out of giving your cat delicious, fresh food. If you’re not… Read More

The Best Cat Insurance Companies

Whether you have one, two, three, or a house full of kitties, health insurance for your cat to cover unexpected veterinarian costs can be a life saver, maybe even literally. Reimbursing you for monies spent caring for your cat from an accident or illness, insurance plans can give you some peace of mind when it… Read More

The Best Cat Memorials

Pets give us both the best and worst day of our life. When they come in to our lives, our hearts expand and our time is filled with joy. And when they leave us, they take a part of us with them. We will never forget our pets, but memorial keepsakes are an honorable way… Read More

The Best Kitten Milk Replacers

Kittens sometimes need supplemental nutrition, which is where kitten milk replacers come in. Whether you have a newborn kitten, or an ill or senior cat, milk replacers are a nutrient-dense, easy-to-digest, liquid meal that can save an otherwise health-fragile kitty. Kitten milk replacers are available in a variety of nutritional degrees, from a complete, balanced,… Read More

The Best Catnip Toys

For the cat who loves catnip, a catnip toy can be a wonderful addition to your cat’s home environment. Like other cat toys, catnip provides both mental and physical stimulation. Though not all cats respond to catnip, those that do may exhibit a variety of excitable behaviors. Cats will return again and again to a… Read More

The Best Cat Exercise Wheels

Maybe your furry feline needs to lose some weight, or perhaps your little kitty needs exercise to build muscle and dexterity. Either way, a cat exercise wheel might just be what you and your cat need. Similar to the iconic hamster wheel, a cat exercise wheel is designed to let your cat walk or run… Read More

The Best Diet Cat Foods

Cats are carnivores and require nutrient-dense, whole foods from the animal kingdom. For a biologically-appropriate diet, cats need animal protein, and either no or very little carbohydrates. The most effective and safest way for your cat to lose weight is to feed high-quality, species-appropriate food while placing him on an exercise program under the supervision… Read More

The Best Cat Litter Mat

It happened again. You stepped on stray pieces of litter strewn about your carpet. Your delightful furry feline has once again tracked litter in to the living room. What to do about it? You could vacuum. You could sweep it up. And you probably should. But for the future, a cat litter mat is probably… Read More

The Best Flea Shampoos for Cats

Fear not. You can win the war against fleas. And keep your cat safe while doing so. Choosing a flea shampoo requires some research since cats are hypersensitive to certain chemicals, plants, oils, and fragrances. A popular ingredient, pyrethrin or permethrin, is often used in flea shampoos to kill fleas. Though it’s sometimes safe, it’s… Read More

The Best Flea Combs for Cats

Fleas. Those pesky little critters. No one likes fleas, least of all your pet. A good flea comb can help prevent a flea outbreak or stop one. Though preventing and treating for fleas – or ticks – is a multi-step process, a flea comb is a useful tool to add to your collection of bug-fighting… Read More