The Best Cat Exercise Wheels

Maybe your furry feline needs to lose some weight, or perhaps your little kitty needs exercise to build muscle and dexterity. Either way, a cat exercise wheel might just be what you and your cat need. Similar to the iconic hamster wheel, a cat exercise wheel is designed to let your cat walk or run in place while the wheel rotates at your cat’s individual speed. It provides entertainment, exercise, and mental stimulation. They come in a variety of sizes, and are available with different tread textures.

We researched cat exercise wheels that range from small to extra large, from treads made with corrugated paper to foam to plastic, and those made for walking versus running. While searching for the best, we looked at design, ease of use, and safety as well.

Best Cat Exercise Wheel Overall
One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel - 5th Generation

Enhance your cat’s environment, and provide a fun way for him to exercise.

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We chose One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel – 5th Generation as our top pick. It has a wide tread and diameter to fit and hold cats up to 25 pounds. It also offers replaceable traction pads. Training may be required, but your cat will benefit from the extra movement.

The 5 Top-Rated Cat Exercise Wheels

Editor's PicksBrandRating
Best OverallOne Fast Cat Exercise Wheel - 5th Generation3.5
Best Cat Treadmill WheelGOPET Treadwheel3.7
Best Budget BuyOJBK Corrugated Paper Cat Exercise Wheel4
Best Cat Walking WheelCreation Core Multi-Level Cat Ferris Wheel2.8
Best Cat Running WheelOne Fast Cat Exercise Wheel3.1

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Best Cat Exercise Wheel Overall: One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel – 5th Generation

If you have a lazy cat, or a somewhat chunky cat who needs to lose a few pounds, the 5th Generation One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel offers you and your cat an answer to a sedentary problem. With 48 inches of diameter space and just under 11 inches of tread width, this exercise wheel provides your cat with ample room to stretch his muscles. The wheel gives your kitty the ability to walk or run at his own pace, or to slow or stop whenever he needs to take a break. The exercise wheel is an open design so your furry friend can enter or exit from either side. He’ll burn excess calories and energy without tearing up the house.

While the frame is made from recycled plastics, the tread surface is constructed from a closed-cell EVA foam. This common foam, found in exercise mats and flip-flops, supports your cats joints with a cushioned landing. The tread traction pads are replaceable, and the entire wheel can be cleaned with a wet towel. Or you can take it outside and hose it down. Since the wheel only moves if your cat does, this exercise equipment does not run on electrical power or batteries. Assembly is required, however the wheel is lightweight, easy to move around, and comes together quickly. The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is recommended for cats under 25 pounds.

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel – 5th Generation Key Features:

  • 48-inch diameter
  • EVA foam traction tread
  • Replaceable traction pads
  • For cats under 25 pounds
  • Assembly required

Best Cat Treadmill Wheel: GOPET Treadwheel

Best Cat Treadmill Wheel
GOPET Treadwheel

Using a rubber tread and solid structure, this exercise wheel supports animals up to 25 pounds.

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For the best cat treadmill wheel, we picked the GOPET Treadwheel as our favorite. Sure, it might have been designed for dogs, but cats can use it, too. And with a 40-inch diameter, your cat will have plenty of room to walk and run. Build your cat’s confidence training her to use the GOPET wheel, and increase her vitality and good health. She’ll gain traction on the rubber matted surface, and you’ll have an easier time wiping it down to keep it clean. Plus, the wheel is both sun- and mildew-resistant.

The GOPET exercise wheel is strong and sturdy, supporting animals up to 25 pounds. The cushioned tread supports the pounding of the joints while providing a comfortable barrier for your cat’s nails. Powered by only your cat, the wheel keeps pace with her movements. This exercise wheel comes with a detachable steel door. Choose to close one side, or leave both sides open for your cat to enter and exit the wheel. There is also the option of using a brake to set different levels of difficulty. Put the wheel at a determined resistance to increase or decrease the level of difficulty for your furry feline.

Made in the USA, a bonus feature for this cat exercise wheel is that it comes pre-assembled. You don’t even need to put it together. Just set it up, introduce your kitty to the wheel, train her, and you have a cat who can exercise away boredom.

GOPET Treadwheel Key Features:

  • 40-inch diameter
  • Rubber matted tread surface
  • Supports animals up to 25 pounds
  • Optional steel training door
  • Can be set at different speeds

Best Budget Cat Exercise Wheel: OJBK Corrugated Paper Cat Exercise Wheel

Best Budget Cat Exercise Wheel
OJBK Corrugated Paper Cat Exercise Wheel

The OJBK walking exercise wheel also offers the ability to climb the structure, giving your cat lots to do.

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If you’re unsure whether or not your cat will take to using an exercise wheel, try our budgeted pick. We like the OJBK Corrugated Paper Cat Exercise Wheel when budget is a concern, or you don’t feel like dishing out hundreds of dollars for another cat structure. It allows your kitty to hang out, go for a walk, climb, and work her nails on the scratch pad at the top. The all-in-one, multi-functional structure is great for introducing your furry friend to an exercise wheel. The large size is designed for cats up to 11 pounds, and the extra large wheel is for cats up to 16 pounds.

Made from recycled corrugated paper, this exercise wheel resembles the look and feel of a cardboard box, appealing to cats everywhere. It’s lightweight and easy to set up. With its plain look, this cat structure will blend with almost all home décor. The wheel is made more for walking than running, but your kitty can also just lounge around inside. The texture entices your cat’s curiosity, and the top of the wheel has a flat perch where she can hang out or use as a scratching post.

OJBK Corrugated Paper Cat Exercise Wheel Key Features:

  • Scratching platform on top
  • Climbing frame structure
  • For cats up to 16 pounds
  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Made from corrugated cardboard

Best Cat Walking Wheel: Creation Core Multi-Level Cat Ferris Wheel

Best Cat Walking Wheel
Creation Core Multi-Level Cat Ferris Wheel

Entertain your cat with an exercise wheel, climbing frame, and scratch pad.

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For the cat who likes to move and explore, we chose the Creation Core Multi-Level Cat Ferris Wheel as the best cat walking wheel. Designed with a 22-inch diameter, this wheel is best suitable for smaller cats. Made from corrugated and textured cardboard, your kitty can step in and out from the wheel safely. The textured tread is soft but sturdy on paws, and gives her traction for taking a walk in the wheel. She can also use the inside of the wheel as a comfortable hideout, or claw at the outer wheel to make it spin.

The Creation Core cat wheel is structured so that the frame also doubles as a climbing cat tree. Good for introducing your kitty to a cat wheel, this cat furniture features a high platform with a scratching surface. Your kitty can lounge inside or on the top after playing, or actively use the pad to trim her nails. Environmentally friendly and lightweight, this cat wheel assembles easily and can be moved from room to room with ease. Add toys, a bed, or another scratching post to liven up your furry friend’s living area.

Creation Core Multi-Level Cat Ferris Wheel Key Features:

  • 22-inch diameter
  • Made from corrugated cardboard
  • Doubles as a climbing tree
  • Outfitted with scratching perch
  • Suitable for multiple cats

Best Cat Running Wheel: One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Best Cat Running Wheel
One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Made for high energy breeds like the Bengal, One Fast Cat provides exercise and entertainment for your kitty.

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The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is our favorite running wheel because it is designed to work with your cat’s natural instinct to run in bursts. The wheel is powered by your cat’s exercise level, therefore it doesn’t run on batteries and doesn’t need to be plugged in to a wall outlet. Your furry friend can stop and go at will, and even enter and exit from either side of the wheel. With 48 inches of diameter space and a wide tread surface, your big or little kitty has plenty of room to exercise his natural stride.

Assembly and training is required, but with a little time and effort, your cat will have a place to burn energy without tearing up your home. The wheel structure is made from recycled plastics, and the tread surface is made from closed-cell EVA foam. The foam is a common shock absorber that is used to construct exercise mats, boxing gloves, and sport-shoe insoles. The cat exercise wheel is lightweight, easy to set up, and can be cleaned with a wet towel. Alternatively, place the exercise wheel outside and use your outdoor hose to clean it off.

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel Key Features:

  • 48 inches in diameter
  • Open wheel concept
  • Tread traction is made from foam
  • Assembly is required
  • Easy to clean recycled plastic material

Cat exercise wheels help focus your cat’s attention on both his physical and mental strength. Whether your kitty is overweight or not, an exercise wheel gives him the opportunity to stretch his legs, loosen his joints, work his muscles, and maintain his paws and claws. Good for his health and vitality, place an exercise wheel near other environment enhancers, such as cat trees, scratching posts, electric toys, catnip, beds, window perches, and more.