The Best Crystal Cat Litters

When you’re looking to buy cat litter for your furry friend, there are two options: clay or crystal. Many cat owners are choosing crystal cat litter because of its unique technology. Crystal cat litter is comprised of sodium silicate sand which is highly liquid-absorbent. This is often what customers want because otherwise, the room in… Read More

Cat playing with toys

Entertaining your cat has to be a priority for any cat owner and if you’re a new cat owner, be sure to heed that as a warning before your cat is forced to entertain herself. If it could, your furniture would definitely thank you for picking up a few toys for your cat. Knowing which… Read More

Cat drinks water from cat fountain

Cats often struggle with a proper level of hydration. Whether that’s because they have an aversion to stagnant water or just because they’re stubborn, we may never know. What we do know is that cat water fountains appeal to cats and while their interest is piqued, they’ll likely drink more; if for no other reason… Read More

The Best Cat Beds

If you have a cat, she may very well rule the roost. Just because she sleeps wherever she wants doesn’t mean she wouldn’t also like a bed of her own to sleep in, though. And if you love your cat enough to let her rule the roost, then you love her enough to give her… Read More

The Best Cat Calming Treats and Chews

When your cat gets anxious, there’s plenty that can go wrong in a domino effect. Not only will you feel for your little fur baby, but that anxiety can also cause him to act out in dozens of destructive ways. You don’t want your cat to be uncomfortable and living anxiously is undoubtedly that. If… Read More