The Best Disposable Litter Boxes

A litter box is essential for cat owners, but reusable litter boxes aren’t always the easiest or most practical solution. Disposable litter boxes are a great alternative for travel, temporary use, or just making cleaning the litterbox easier. We reviewed dozens of disposable litter boxes to identify the best of the best. We looked at… Read More

The Best Litter Box Liners

Cleaning the litter box is an unpleasant but necessary part of cat ownership. And, for your favorite feline’s health, it’s worth the effort. However, this universal task of regular cat care can be made easier with cat litter box liners. These liners protect the litter box itself so you don’t need to scrub clumps of… Read More

The Best Cat Litters

Litter boxes and kitty litter may not be the most enjoyable part of cat ownership, but they are an unavoidable one. After all, kitty has to go potty somewhere. Litter box furniture can help hide your cat’s litter box so it’s not so obvious, but you’ve got to have one. And you’ve got to have… Read More

The Best Cat Litter Mat

It happened again. You stepped on stray pieces of litter strewn about your carpet. Your delightful furry feline has once again tracked litter in to the living room. What to do about it? You could vacuum. You could sweep it up. And you probably should. But for the future, a cat litter mat is probably… Read More

The Best Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

Your bond with your favorite feline makes him feel like a part of your family. This furry family member comes with some unique upkeep, including a litter box. Automatic litter boxes are a game-changer for many households. Gone are the days of sifting through cat litter with a scoop, choking on dust laden with things… Read More

The Best Clumping Cat Litters

Clumping cat litter makes it easier to sift out waste matter from your cat’s litter box, whether with a scoop or a sifting litter box. It also makes it less likely for small pieces of litter to be thrown out of the litter box and end up all over your home. Many cat owners already… Read More

The Best Cat Litters for Odor Control

One of the worst things about owning a cat is having a stinky litter box. It is the first thing that someone might smell when they enter your home for the first time. To make the best first impression and to ensure that you have a clean smelling home, a cat litter for odor control… Read More

The Best Crystal Cat Litters

When you’re looking to buy cat litter for your furry friend, there are two options: clay or crystal. Many cat owners are choosing crystal cat litter because of its unique technology. Crystal cat litter is comprised of sodium silicate sand which is highly liquid-absorbent. This is often what customers want because otherwise, the room in… Read More

The Best Dust Free Cat Litters

Cats are notoriously finicky, and aren’t afraid to let you know when they don’t like something. So whatever you think about cat litter, ultimately it’s going to be your cat’s choice. But first you must find the best. How do you go about trying to find the right dust free cat litter? Cat litter can… Read More

The Best Litter Boxes

Everyone poops, including pets, which is why having a litter box for your feline companion is so important. Cats have an instinctual need to bury their waste, and having the right litter box allows them to do this, while preventing your home from becoming one giant litter box. Finding the best litter box for your… Read More