The Best Clumping Cat Litters

Clumping cat litter makes it easier to sift out waste matter from your cat’s litter box, whether with a scoop or a sifting litter box. It also makes it less likely for small pieces of litter to be thrown out of the litter box and end up all over your home. Many cat owners already… Read More

The Best Cat Litters for Odor Control

One of the worst things about owning a cat is having a stinky litter box. It is the first thing that someone might smell when they enter your home for the first time. To make the best first impression and to ensure that you have a clean smelling home, a cat litter for odor control… Read More

The Best Cat Hairball Remedies

If your cat has hairballs, it can be uncomfortable for both you and your cat. Fortunately, there are some cat hairball remedies that you can rely on to reduce the number of hairballs your cat has, if not eliminate it completely. Whether you have a kitten or an older cat, it is worth having a… Read More