The Best Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

Your bond with your favorite feline makes him feel like a part of your family. This furry family member comes with some unique upkeep, including a litter box. Automatic litter boxes are a game-changer for many households. Gone are the days of sifting through cat litter with a scoop, choking on dust laden with things… Read More

The Best Cat Scratchers

Cats don’t usually scratch with destruction in mind. They have instinctual needs to mark their territory, relieve stress, and keep their claws clean and healthy. Unfortunately, if you don’t have enough cat scratchers available in your home, your furniture, window sills, walls, and carpet could become your cat’s next target. Cat scratchers strategically placed throughout… Read More

The Best Senior Cat Food for Older Cats

As cats age, some of their dietary needs change. Like humans, they need joint support and digestive aids to feel their best. They become less active, which reduces their caloric needs, too. Senior cat food for older cats are designed to keep your cat spry and on the move. We reviewed dozens of senior cat… Read More

The Best Limited Ingredient Cat Food

Dry, flaky skin, itchiness, or a rash could indicate a food allergy for your favorite feline. Limited ingredient cat foods are used to diagnose and eliminate common food allergens from your cat’s diet. Proteins like milk, chicken, fish, or beef are culprits, and limited ingredient cat foods narrow down the possibilities, so you can find… Read More

The Best Cat Dander Sprays

Your allergies may not agree with your love of cats. But once you’ve bonded with that ball of opinionated fur, how can you say no? Cat dander sprays help neutralize the dander that makes your eyes swell and sinuses clog. They moisturize the skin, remove dander, and come in easy-to-use sprays and wipes for your… Read More

The Best Cat Nail Grinders

Whether you call them claws or nails, they need maintenance. Cat nail grinders provide excellent control over nail trimming. They work quickly, so you’re not wrestling your friendly feline for 15 minutes. These handy devices leave behind a rounded edge that’s less likely to snag, and with some practice, they make it easier to avoid… Read More

The Best Cat Calming Collars

Is your otherwise chill Felis catus suddenly clawing and urine marking his way through your home? As creatures of habit, any change in your cat’s normal day can result in disruptive anxiety, stress, and aggression. Unfortunately, your home and possessions can often become the target of your cat’s anxiety. Cat calming collars are a simple… Read More

The Best Cat Calming Sprays

Your cat may be an integral part of your family, but scratching, urine marking, and other anxiety-induced behaviors can destroy your home and make your cat less than pleasant to be around. Cat calming sprays are made with a variety of ingredients to help reduce your cat’s fear, stress, and anxiety. They can be used… Read More

The Best Litter Box Liners

Cleaning the litter box is an unpleasant but necessary part of cat ownership. And, for your favorite feline’s health, it’s worth the effort. However, this universal task of regular cat care can be made easier with cat litter box liners. These liners protect the litter box itself so you don’t need to scrub clumps of… Read More

The Best Cat Ear Cleaners

Cats may be meticulous groomers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need your help to stay clean and healthy. Cats can be prone to excessive ear wax, ear mites, and fungal, bacterial, and yeast infections in their ears. Infections can cause odor and uncomfortable irritation. That’s where cat ear cleaners come in. These sprays, liquids,… Read More