The Best Cat Playpens

There are times when it is safest and most convenient to keep your cat contained in some way. You might be outside, for example, where it’s not safe for her to roam. Or you might be having a worker in and out of your home and you’re afraid kitty will slip out the door. Another… Read More

The Best Cat Crates

Whether it’s a nighttime safe haven or a way to safely transport your cat to the vet, a cat crate is almost a must for cat owners. There’s a wide variety of cat crates available, from those designed for air travel to collapsible models that can be popped up almost anywhere. These crates keep your… Read More

The Best Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Cats love being outside and it can provide them with valuable enrichment, but being outdoors can also pose dangers to both cats and wildlife. That’s what makes outdoor cat enclosures so great: they allow cats to experience the outdoors, but without the risks. They come in tons of different sizes and layouts, so there’s sure… Read More

The Best Outdoor Cat Houses

Cats love the outdoors, but the weather isn’t always friendly to them. Precipitation and cold can both be real threats to a cat’s comfort and health. Whether you’re worried about your own cat while they’re outside or about the safety of your neighborhood strays, you can help by providing a safe, warm, and dry escape… Read More