The Best Diabetic Cat Foods

A diabetes diagnosis for your cat doesn’t need to be a disaster. With the correct diet and medication implemented shortly after diagnosis, your cat’s diabetes could effectively be reversed (in the case of type 2 diabetes), meaning she can be weaned off her insulin shots. Choosing a proper diabetic cat food for your feline friend… Read More

The Best Cat Tags

It’s common for our feline friends to wander around the neighborhood but we’d highly recommend they wear cat tags when they do so. Cat ID tags instantly identify your cat as a pet, not a stray, and if they get into any trouble or wander too far, it’s easy for whoever finds them to contact… Read More

The Best High Protein Cat Food

Cats in the wild eat a high protein diet consisting almost exclusively of meat. While domesticated felines might not have quite the same protein requirements, many thrive on high protein cat food, which contains a greater amount of protein and fewer carbohydrates than standard commercial cat food. You may notice differences in your cat’s energy… Read More

The Best Raw Cat Food

Cats are obligate carnivores (unlike omnivorous dogs) so their diets should be made up primarily of meat. Raw cat foods offer a safe and easy way to feed a raw meat diet to your feline friend. Reasons for choosing a raw diet vary, but some people argue it’s more biologically appropriate for cats and some… Read More

The Best Cat Blankets

Put down a sweater, robe, tote bag, or practically anything else soft for a second, and your cat will magically appear and lie down on it. Instead of getting all your belongings covered in fur, why not buy your feline friend a cat blanket of their very own? Not only will your cat love lounging… Read More

The Best Cat Nail Clippers and Trimmers

Many cats naturally wear down their nails through scratching, exercise, and general activity, but some kitties need a little help to keep their claws in check, in which case you’ll need some cat nail clippers or trimmers. It’s a good idea to keep cat nail clippers or trimmers on hand even if your cat doesn’t… Read More