The Best Cat Crates

Whether it’s a nighttime safe haven or a way to safely transport your cat to the vet, a cat crate is almost a must for cat owners. There’s a wide variety of cat crates available, from those designed for air travel to collapsible models that can be popped up almost anywhere. These crates keep your… Read More

The Best Cat Cone Collar

No animal—dog, cat, or rabbit—likes the cone of shame. However, there are many reasons why a cat cone collar might become an important part of your cat’s life. Surgery and injury are only two of the reasons you may find yourself searching for the perfect model. These collars protect your cat from scratching or licking… Read More

The Best Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

Your bond with your favorite feline makes him feel like a part of your family. This furry family member comes with some unique upkeep, including a litter box. Automatic litter boxes are a game-changer for many households. Gone are the days of sifting through cat litter with a scoop, choking on dust laden with things… Read More

The Best Cat Scratchers

Cats don’t usually scratch with destruction in mind. They have instinctual needs to mark their territory, relieve stress, and keep their claws clean and healthy. Unfortunately, if you don’t have enough cat scratchers available in your home, your furniture, window sills, walls, and carpet could become your cat’s next target. Cat scratchers strategically placed throughout… Read More